An Album of Craftsmanship, covering over fifty years of automotive paint, body, fabrication and restoration.

Jim Muzzy
Metal Fabrication

Dear Visitor:

Welcome to Jim's website. Here you will find a history of his work, from repairing and painting the vintage classic race car to fabricating new parts for them, or the hot rod, and the Cafe Racer.

I hope you enjoy seeing these old cars as much as he enjoyed working on them.  He considered himself fortunate to have been a part of the restoration of these beautiful pieces of machinery. In some cases they were brought back from a state of not much more than a bag of walnuts, to useable and stunning works of art, to be enjoyed not only by their owners, but by all who cherish the perfect blend of beauty, functionality and, in some cases, speed!

Jim's career began in the mid 1960's, and in 1978 he opened the doors on his own Automotive Body Repair Shop in Hayward, California. Shortly thereafter, he began doing paint work for Steven Griswold who spearheaded an automotive restoration shop in Berkeley, California.

In the early 1980's, Jim went on to doing work for Epifani Restoration and Phil Reilly & Company. It was at this time that he focused on the fabrication side of automobile restoration. He did, since then, enjoy repairing many interesting and rare automobiles.

It was Jim's goal to continue to be a part of the restoration process; to work together with the discriminating owner in order to bring back to their former glory these masterpieces of automotive history.

Although he lived in a time of automated production lines turning out plastic parts for the masses, there were still a few dedicated craftsmen such as Jim, who were committed to quality of craftsmanship and pride of work; ideals of years gone by.

Jim has run his race; I hope this site will give inspiration to future Craftsmen, to carry on the tradition of Quality and Pride of Workmanship, which meant so much to Jim.